Frequently Asked Questions about Premium Glass Microballoons - Silane-Coated Microspheres

What are Premium Glass Microballoons - Silane-Coated used for?
Our Premium Silane-Coated Microballoons are versatile and ideal for crafting resin baits, building hobby models, and anything that floats. They offer exceptional bonding strength and ease the process of creation. 

Can I switch to these Microballoons from another system like Alumilite or System 3?
Absolutely! To adapt your current recipe for our product, simply double the weight of the microballoons you normally use. Then, add an additional 1 to 4 grams. This adjustment will bring you close to the desired outcome. However, we still recommend fine-tuning to achieve the best results.

Why should I choose Microballoons.com Microballoons?
Microballoons.com's Microballoons offer many advantages:

  • Improved structural integrity, hardness, and strength.
  • Easier sanding and better screw bite.
  • Smooth integration into projects due to ease of mixing.
  • Reduced surface imperfections and sanding needs.
  • Protective silane coating against moisture.
  • Less fluffy, water-resistant composition ideal for bait making.

What is the significance of the Silane Coating on these Microballoons?
Silane coating enhances the bond between resin and glass microspheres. It overcomes the challenges of differing structures and intermolecular attractions, resulting in a stronger and more durable bond.

How do Silane Coupling Agents work?
Silane coupling agents act at the interface between glass microspheres and other particles (resin, sand, metals for instance). They contain reactive groups that form a strong chemical bond with the glass surface, ensuring enhanced adhesion and durability.

How is Microballoons.com related to SacPig Bait Co.?
Michael Mcamis, the founder of both Microballoons.com and SacPig Bait Co., discovered and developed these exceptional microballoons initially to enhance bait making. However, their research revealed the microballoons' immense potential for various applications, leading to the introduction of our Premium Glass Microballoons - Silane-Coated, offering exceptional versatility and quality.

Under a Microscope - Microballoons.com vs Others
Smoother, rounder and more consistent.

Microballoons.com vs Other Brands

Watch the Strength Test Video
Microballoons.com (formerly Sacpig) microspheres were tested against Alumilite.